Brandon Arnold



Project 1

Much Ado About Nothing

A feature length Shakespeare adaptation made by my class at East Hollywood High School. Camera, audio, costumes, set design -- all of it done by kids in the class. What a time to be alive!

Director: Brandon Arnold
Producer: Kelly Rice
D.P.: Josh Sumsion
Editor: Brandon Arnold
Screenplay Adaptation: Matt Thomas, Brandon Arnold

Project 2

Toward a Theory of the
Evolution of the Turkey

A chronicle of the discovery of Gallina webbus, a new species of turkey whose beak has evolved into something that looks surprisingly like a bass clarinet.

Director, Writer, Editor: Brandon Arnold
Producer: Matt Schramer
Animation: Jason Fredericks
D.P.: Bianca Cline
Music: Brandon Arnold

Project 3

The Giraffe Who Was No Good At Gym

2D animated film made with students from the BYU animation program

Director:Brandon Arnold
Producer: Eliza Arocho
Executive Producer: Steven L. Ricks
Animation: Gavin Robertson, Eliza Arocho, Brandon Arnold
Music: Erik Maloy
Character Design and Artwork: Alycia Pace, Sam Walker
Funded by BYU Film and Digital Media Fund

Project 4

Fictionist // Free Spirit

A music video for the band Fictionist.

Director: Jed Wells
Producer: Gavin Bentley
D.P.: Derek Pueblo
2nd Camera: Brandon Arnold
Editor: Brandon Arnold

Project 5

The Interrogator

Director: Brandon Arnold
Written by: Brandon Arnold, Michael Padeken
Starring: Michael Padeken, Jed Wells
Camera / Editing: Brandon Arnold

Project 6

Bug Zug Commercial

Director: Brandon Arnold
Camera: Brandon Arnold
Editing / VFX: Brandon Arnold

Project 7

Student Films

A collection of films made by my high school students

Project 8

Only Love Can Break Your Heart

After my daughter died in 2017, I didn't want to make anything anymore. I forced myself to make something anyway, and ended up with this album.

Recorded and mixed by Brandon Arnold

Project 9

Cool Pug Games

I also enjoy making video games. Most of them involve Pugs in one way or another. So I made this website to host them all.